The biocompatible artificial hair Medicap High Density® hair (MHD) is an approved medical device, CE 0373 Certified, with same chemical, physical, mechanical, aesthetic features than Biofibre® hair. They offer the same safety guarantee as Biofibre® hair providing a triple hair density.


Medicap High Density – Biocompatible Artificial Hair (MHD) are suitable to treat generalized male and female hair loss or hair thinning on the crown area and enables to:

  • obtain a bigger hair thickening in just a few hours;
  • minimize the implantation time;
  • reduce number of implants and implant sessions;
  • achieve the maximum volume with the smallest number of implants.

Medicap High Density® – Biocompatible Artificial Hair is a very significant component for the success of the Biofibre® Hair Implant because only 1,000 fibres implanted into the scalp, become 3000 hair outside which provide an Immediate and Remarkable Aesthetic Result with big psychological wellness for the patient.

Biofibre® Hair Implant is a safe and soft dermatologic surgery procedure for male and female baldness (alopecia) solution and a hair thinning remedy exclusively performed by qualified trained physicians in order to guarantee the best and lasting aesthetic result and psychological benefit to the patients worldwide.


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