Biofibre 4.0 Hair Implant is a Safe, simple, light aesthetic surgery procedure for male and female baldness solution or for hair thinning remedy, performed by exclusive Automatic Biofibre ® 4.0 Hair Device and Implant Instruments produced by Medicap®.  The Automatic Biofibre ® 4.0 Hair Device and Medicap instruments hooks the Biofibre 4.0 Reversible knot and inserts the hair one by one under the local anaesthetized scalp without any pain or discomfort for the patient until the desired hair density is obtained.


The new generation of Biocompatible Artificial Hair Biofibre ® 4.0 are undetectable to natural hair and they can meet any colour, length (from 15 to 45 cm) and shape (straight, wavy, curly, afro) requirement.

To achieve a gradual aesthetic improvement a quantity of 800 – 1500 Biofibre 4.0 Hair per single session is suggested.

To obtain a higher hair thickening on the crown area in a very short time the esclusive Medicap High Density 4.0 MHD ® hair are suggested.

After the implant the Patient immediately resumes his her social life, with the desired look and best psychological wellness.

The immediate post-implant treatment includes local and general antibiotics treatment for several  days. Moreover the patient is recommended to treat hair with care avoiding abrupt manoeuvres so as to prevent freshly implanted hair to move to the surface since the complete fixation requires 20 30 days approx.

After the implant of Biocompatible Medicap’s ® Artificial Hair, patient have to use suitable products, follow a proper hygiene and a proper after care as advised by the doctor who carried out the procedure. The products of the Biofibre® Hair Care Set have been specially conceived to support the needs of Biofibre ® 4.0 patients.

hair care setFurther Implant Sessions if required, to cover baldness area and hide hair loss problem are performed after 5 weeks.

As Literature and Medical Protocols testifies, to keep the result achieved by THE ORIGINAL Medicap artificial Hair Implant technique a periodical medical check up a strict hygiene and yearly fibers integration is suggested.

The new Biofibre 4.0 Hair Implant is an Aesthetic Medicine procedure recommended for Male and Female Hair Thinning, Androgenetic Alopecia (baldness), Scalp scars and burns and to improve Hair Thickening obtained with other techniques and whenever an Immediate Aesthetic Result is required.


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