Telogen Defluvium (Female Alopecia)

It is a form of Alopecia (baldness) that affects the whole scalp and appears whenever there is an imbalance between the growth (anagen) and rest (telogen) stages of the hair, which causes above-average hair loss (50-80 hair daily) and lasts for very long periods.

The Telogen Defluvium is caused by genetic susceptibility, acute and/or chronic diseases, long-lasting pharmacologic treatments and psychological and emotional stress conditions.

It is a form of Temporary Alopecia (baldness) but recovery of lost hair as well as its density is quite slow and can occur even after many months or years.

alopecia femminile

Most common remedy for the Telogen Defluvium (Female Alopecia) is Dermotricological treatment, which yields long-term results and it is not always resolute for the problem.

An alternative solution for Female Alopecia can be Biofibre Hair Implant

The Implant of Biocompatible Artificial Hair –Biofibre ® is recommended as a worthwhile Anti Aging Solution for both Male and Female baldness (alopecia) and as hair thinning remedy as ensures an Immediate Aesthetic Result, an excellent Hair Density and it can also be used in combination with other Dermotricological and Hair Loss surgical techniques, obtaining highly satisfying Results.


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