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Biofibre® is a Medical Device with CE 0373 Certificate, which meets the Safety and Efficacy Requirements expected by 93/42/EEC Directive.

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Medicap® High Density – Biocompatible Artificial Hair (MHD) provides a triple hair density, implanting a single fiber.

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Automatic Biofibre®  Hair System is the most innovative solution for Biofibre® Hair Implant by Medicap®, for male and female alopecia treatment.

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Products specially designed for the treatment of Biofibre® and the scalp, to ensure a good and long-lasting aesthetic result.


Biofibre® training courses to obtain diploma and qualification. Only trained medical staff can perform Biofibre® Hair Implant.

Biofibre® Hair Implant System

Medicap® srl is a UNI EN ISO 13485 Certified company, specialised in the production of Biofibre ® – Biocompatible Artificial Hair and Implant Instruments (Automatic Biofibre® Hair Implant and Implanter by Medicap®).

Medicap® products are classified as Medical Devices with CE 0373 Certificate and are used for the correction or as remedy of male and female alopecia (baldness). The Aesthetic Result is natural and immediate, with no downtime for the patient.

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Training courses

Medicap® organizes in exclusive personalized Qualification Trainings and Master Trainings about Biofibre® Hair Implant System and they are held by a highly qualified medical team.

The implant of Biofibre® – Biocompatible Artificial Hair correctly carried out by a Qualified Physician is a simple, safe, light outpatient procedure, as a solution to the unaesthetic effects of hair thinning and male and female baldness. We invite you to contact us for more information.

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Biofibre hair: the solution for your alopecia

  • Biofibre® hair is made with approved material for medical use
  • Biofibre® hair is biocompatible and well tolerated by the skin
  • Biofibre® hair is made with inert materials and produces a keratin plug protecting the implant from microbial agents
  • Biofibre® hair is resistant to tensile and flexural stressand ensures a long-lasting aesthetic effect
  • Biofibre® hair has a special reversible knot, which ensures an excellent strength without leaving any scars
  • Biofibre® hair is thin, soft and flexible, for low invasiveness and quick healing of the scalp

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