Adjustable implanter

Medicap Adjustable Implanter ®, projected by Medicap is a CE, TGA medical device approved, used to correctly perform the outpatient cosmetic surgery procedure Biofibre Hair Implant.

This ergonomic instrument contains the esclusive Medicap hooked needle and ensures a safe and optimal hair implant to the Qualified Trained Physician as allows to place the Biofibre hair reversible knot in the right scalp position, adapting itself to the different thicknesses of the implant areas.

The Adjustable Implanter is produced in 3 versions and it is a fundamental component of the Automatic Biofibre Hair Implant device as allows a very soft surgery with no discomfort for the patient, who can return to his normal social life just at the end of implant procedure – no downtime.


The Adjustable Implanter and the disposable hooked needles for adjustable implanter are supplied sterile in practical and safe medical packages.

Biofibre Hair Implant is a quick and effective anti aging procedure for baldness (alopecia) remedies exclusively performed by qualified trained physicians to guarantee the best and lasting aesthetic result and immediate psychological benefit to the patients worldwide.

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